Paris Blockchain Week Summit & Paris NFT Day 2022


Graftieaux Jean Baptiste


CEO Europe

Before joining Bitstamp again in 2021 as CEO for Europe, he had been the Executive and Chief Compliance Officer at the company in the years from 2014 to 2016. JB is back at Bitstamp with even more fintech and payment experience to support the company’s vision. In his Bitstamp-off time, he was the Managing Director at eBay Europe, where he led their regulatory business operations for payments in Europe and spent five years on the board of directors of several eBay entities. Prior to his leadership role at eBay, JB worked at PayPal as the Executive and EMEA Chief Compliance Officer. In his first two years at Bitstamp, he was responsible for obtaining regulatory licenses for our EU-based business and operations. JB is now responsible for managing Bitstamp’s regulatory relationships and leading compliance and legal teams as well as growth and business development in the region.