Paris Blockchain Week Summit & Paris NFT Day 2022


Bastien Ebalard



Bastien is the spokesman for myDid, a company that offers open solutions for self-sovereign identity management on public blockchains. MyDID smartphone DID wallet is compatible with W3C Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials and Open Badges. Bastien is the content creator of the leading blockchain professional training program in France: “The Alyra Blockchain Consultancy Program”. Since 2019, he has formed more than 400 blockchain professionals, currently building and strengthening the French blockchain ecosystem. He is at the initiative of numerous attempts to democratize, explain and promote the direct use of blockchain technologies in various sectors and fields, such as the healthcare industry, for which he offers a specialization at Kedge Business School. He also taught for the Blockchain Strategy Program at Oxford University and the Executive MBA of the IMT Ghaziabad (India). He is regularly invited to officially represent some known institutions in the space, such as Binance and so on. He graduated from Sciences Po Paris (France), Bogazici Univeristy (Turkey) and AUI (Morocco).