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Patrick Partouche

Groupe Partouche

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Patrick PARTOUCHE Born June 13, 1964 Oran (Algeria), he arrives in France in 1965. He starts working with his father Isidore Partouche in 1982. His first task in the Group from 1989 to 1993: General Manager of the Dieppe Casino at the age of 25. He then manages several establishments of Groupe Partouche, mainly focusing on strategy; take for instance the Public Cash Offer launched on Compagnie Europ enne de Casinos. In 2005, he becomes Chairman of the Executive Board of the Group, then Chairman of the Supervisory Board in 2011. With his unconditional enthusiast for “online” and new technologies, he succeeded in obtaining the authorisation of online gaming in France after a lengthy struggle. As a visionary and an innovator, his aim is to optimize the use of new technologies. - This led him in 2009, to create the company MEREAL BIOMETRICS that produces a biometric card with worldwide patents. - Amongst his other innovative projects is the unique & visionary outdoor concept of PleinAir at La Ciotat. Parasols sheltering the table games and slots machines, fun loving creation, operated games at the cutting edge of technology. The building in the form of an overturned boat hull top provides shelter from the winds and allow gaming outdoors with no constraints. - Las but not least is the Pasino Grand, an innovative digital complex in a new futuristic atmosphere. As usual, he surrounded himself with the best such as the Montreal Company “Moment Factory” a multimedia studio specializing in the design and production of immersive environments combining the best in terms of architecture, video, light and sound or even special effects. Moment Factory was commissioned to create four conceptual rooms of next generation games. He also acquired La Pensée Sauvage specialized in the art of detox and wellness. He has the ability of working with top efficient teams and of creating the appropriate professional climate that leads to the best progress. He wrote “La Banque a Saut ” Ed. Michel Lafon Married, six children, one grandson.