Paris Blockchain Week Summit & Paris NFT Day 2022

Event Agenda

07:00 - 07:40
Bitcoin: the Essential Driver of Crypto Markets
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been criticized for their amounts of energy consumption. What is the impact of crypto on the environment and how can they be used in an eco-friendly way?
GuillaumeBerche (Paymium)SoloCeesay (Calaxy)Yorickde Mombynes (Cour des Comptes)CharlieMeraud (Woorton )
07:00 - 07:20
Keynote by CZ (Changpeng Zhao), Founder & CEO of Binance
ChangpengZhao (Binance)
07:00 - 07:20
07:20 - 08:00
Tech Update: Innovations in 2021 & 2022
A discussion from representatives featuring the most innovative companies in blockchain to discuss innovation and future projects for 2022.
MasonEdwards (Tezos Foundation)DiranLi (Messari)BertrandPerez (Web3 Foundation)DavidWachsman (Wachsman)
07:20 - 07:40
07:40 - 08:00
Keynote by Cecily Mak, Chief Operating Officer at Blockdaemon
CecilyMak (Blockdaemon)
07:40 - 08:00
08:00 - 08:30
A Decade in Crypto with Nicolas Cary
Nicolas Cary ( Cornèr (Cointelegraph)
08:00 - 08:20
Built on KILT: Business Use Cases for Blockchain
IngoRübe (KILT Protocol)
08:00 - 08:50
Fireblocks Workshop
08:00 - 08:20
08:20 - 08:40
08:30 - 08:50
Fireside Chat by Ken Timsit, GM for Cronos
VictoriaCalmon (Atlendis Labs)KenTimsit (Cronos)
08:30 - 08:50
Keynote by Kaare Kjelstroem, Group CTO & CPO at Concordium
KjelstroemKaare (Concordium)
08:40 - 09:00
08:50 - 09:30
Key insights to land a job in Blockchain
Interested in working for crypto and blockchain companies? This panel will provide insights about courses, classes, relevant skills, and everything else needed to find your dream job in the space.
Miguelde Sousa (Lisk)OrianTal (MarketAcross PR)JérémyWauquier (Alyra)
09:00 - 09:20
Empowering the Crypto Economy at Scale
BrettTejpaul (Coinbase)
09:00 - 09:50
Workshop by Neon Labs
KonstantinGoldstein (Neon Labs)
09:00 - 09:20
09:20 - 09:40
Bringing Privacy to Blockchain - Keynote by Rand Hindi, Co-Founder & CEO of Zama
RandHindi (Zama)
09:20 - 10:00
Smart Money Moving In: Institutional Investments in Digital Assets
Digital Assets have captured the attention of institutional investors. In this panel, get a glimpse at how top investors are approaching digital assets!
RummerAndrew (The Block)YoannCaujolle (Bpifrance)ViktorFischer (Rockaway Blockchain Fund)CharlieMeraud (Woorton )DavidOlsson (BlockFi)
09:20 - 09:40
09:30 - 09:50
Brave New World: How Crypto Changes the Reality of Billions
AlexReinhardt (PLC Ultima)
09:40 - 10:00
Keynote by Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain
GwendolynRegina (BNB Chain Fund)
09:40 - 10:00
09:50 - 10:30
Financial Markets & Web 3: Collaboration between incumbents and crypto native financial institutions
This panel will explore how newcomers to the blockchain and crypto space can learn from crypto natives, and vice versa, in order to create an optimized DeFi ecosystem.
LaurenzApiarius (Blockwall)FredericBonelli (COINGROUP SA)HenrikGebbing (Finoa)ChrisHarmse (BVNK)SophiaShluger (Amber Group)
10:00 - 10:20
Blockchains: Why Decentralization Matters
SilvioMicali (Algorand)
10:00 - 10:30
Keynote by Ouriel Ohayon CEO Zengo
OurielOhayon (ZenGo)
10:00 - 10:50
Workshop by Partisia Blockchain
"In this workshop we will discuss the design of the Partisia Blockchain and our vision for WEB 3.0 where users reclaim control of data. We will showcase the network with a poker application and dive into a range of real life use cases from confidential financial order matching and combating counterfeit medicine in Africa to privacy-preserving self-sovereign identity. Partisia Blockchain is a WEB 3.0 public blockchain design for scalability, privacy and interoperability. Partisia Blockchain is created by world leading cryptographers, developers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in delivering commercial-grade distributed cryptography like blockchain and multiparty computation (MPC) in particular. Merging blockchain and MPC has long been recognized as a key challenge by the Partisia Blockchain team who have been working diligently to achieve this aim since the beginning of 2017. As a pioneer in the space, Partisia Blockchain was founded by Partisia, who have been selling commercial-grade MPC software solutions to global enterprises since 2008. Partisia Blockchain is a unique combination of a high performance blockchain that functions as a bedrock for efficient, scalable and robust orchestration of MPC. This combination of blockchain and MPC technologies provide an optimal foundation for native privacy-preserving applications as well as more secure interoperability for bridging data and tokens. In fact token bridging is native to the network as the external coins or tokens are used to pay for the use of Partisia Blockchain - Bring Your Own Coin.
NielsenKurt (Partisia Blockchain Foundation)
10:00 - 10:20
10:20 - 11:00
Interoperability: Challenges & Opportunities
ItaiElizur (MarketAcross)JamesFriel (Axelar)DanielKmak (Nervos)RubenMerre (NGRAVE)KarimSamsul (Binance)
10:20 - 10:40
10:30 - 10:50
Crypto yield: time bomb or the new frontier?
YichenWu (Tesseract Investment)
10:40 - 11:00
11:00 - 11:20
11:20 - 11:40
11:40 - 12:00
12:00 - 12:20
Crypto Adoption Across Emerging Markets
JeffMei (Huobi Global)
12:00 - 12:10
Fireside Chat with Pauline Adam- Kalfon, PWC
How business is finally reaping the rewards of blockchain and crypto ?
PaulineAdam-Kalfon (PwC)MichaelAmar (Co-host Paris NFT Day & PBWS)
12:00 - 12:40
Permissionless ESG platforms - the promise of tokens for true transparency and value for the Business world
SigalBiran-Nagar (Concordium)MariaEisner Pelch (Concordium)NelsonMatthew (Arivu Digital Limited)SergeyMetelin (Hedera)
12:00 - 13:00
Workshop by
12:00 - 12:20
12:10 - 12:30
DeFi Security: the Risks behind the Yield and Mitigation
LawrenceTan (Bybit)
12:20 - 12:40
Keynote by Bastien Ebalard, Spokesman at myDid
BastienEbalard (MyDid)
12:20 - 12:40
12:30 - 12:50
Changes to the Custody Capital Efficiency and Counterparty Risk
MichaelMilner (
12:40 - 13:20
Blockchain- How the technology could be used for privacy
Blockchain can help end users stay in control of their private data online thanks to its decentralization. Learn how companies are using blockchain to protect their data.
WilliamCallahan (Blockchain Intelligence Group)BastienEbalard (MyDid)JayaKlara Brekke (Nym)ClaytonMenzel (Figment, Inc)PauliusVaitkevicius (VILP Solutions)
12:40 - 13:00
Why your token raise strategy could make or break your project
ChrisSinkey (Bittrex Global)
12:40 - 13:00
12:50 - 13:30
2030: What's Next for Digital Assets?
BoazAvital (Anchorage Digital)CyrusFazel (SwissBorg)JordanFrench (Grit Daily)StephenRichardson (Fireblocks)AntoniTrenchev (Nexo)
13:00 - 13:20
Access, movement, and economies of the near future
MariekeFlament (NEAR Foundation)OlegFomenko (SWEAT Economy)
13:00 - 14:00
Workshop by Massa Labs
The Massa workshop will be an opportunity to present both the philosophy behind Massa and give an overview of the technology. We will give a general introduction of Massa and show how the multithreaded block DAG technology behind Massa helps solve the blockchain trilema. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to experiment with two features brought by Massa smart-contracts to web3: autonomous smart-contracts and decentralized. Decentralized web helps tackling one of the long standing security flaws of decentralized applications: hosting. Decentralized web takes the idea of Ethereum Name Service to another level and offers the possibility to host the whole website directly on the blockchain. The autonomous smart-contract feature brings self-wakeup capability to smart-contracts. You will be able to explore the possibilities offered by those innovations in a small game. Massa Massa was founded with the motto that decentralization is non-negotiable. It aims to be the leading decentralized and scaled blockchain. It is based on a parallel block technology able to process thousands of operations per second with minimal energy consumption. Through a fair ICO and other crucial decisions ensuring decentralization, Massa is the first blockchain with a Nakamoto decentralization coefficient above 1000. Massa will be the first blockchain to feature autonomous smart contracts and decentralized web hosting. Massa is currently in the testnet phase with over 5000 nodes.
13:00 - 13:20
13:20 - 13:30
"Shard it and they will come" - A scalable Layer 1 for UTXO DeFi
MaudSimon (Alephium)
13:20 - 14:00
Regulation of Cryptocurrencies
We invited experts to discuss what progress has been made regarding crypto regulations around the world and where we are headed.
SimonDouyer (SheeldMarket)Biba Homsy (Homsy Legal Lawfirm)HediNavazan (Crystal Blockchain)RobertSpicer (Scorechain)
13:20 - 13:40
13:30 - 14:10
Ready Player 3: How Web3 is Powering the Metaverse
RahimAttaba (Sanbox)RichardMa (Quantstamp)Brian Norton (MEW (MyEtherWallet))VictorOlmo (NewTribe Capital)MarvinTong (Phala Network)
13:30 - 13:40
What's new with DataFi
AnnaKazlauskas (Vana)
13:40 - 14:00
13:50 - 14:00
Startup Pitch by Stephen Ward, CEO of VyFinance
StevenWard (VyFinance )
14:00 - 14:50
Digital Identity and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)
AntoninoAntonio (KILT Protocol)
14:00 - 14:10
Startup Pitch by Greg Meredith, Founder, CEO and President of RChain Cooperative
GregMeredith (Fabco tech / RChain Startup pitch )
14:00 - 14:20
14:10 - 14:50
Leveraging blockchain to prevent crime
StéphanieCabossioras (Binance)WilliamCallahan (Blockchain Intelligence Group)Irina Heaver (KeyStone Legal )CarolineMalcolm (Chainalysis)
14:10 - 14:20
Startup Pitch by Secu X
AliceChang (SecuX Technology Inc.)
14:20 - 14:30
Changing your View on Finance with Web3
JackBagayoko (TeaDAO)
14:20 - 14:40
14:40 - 15:20
Rising adoption of digital assets among institutional investors
This panel will explore what is attracting institutional investors to digital assets, new trends, and what's coming next for institutional investors in crypto.
HarrietBrowning (Consensys)AlexandreCaillol (Nansen)KonradLaesser (Genesis)CharlieMeraud (Woorton )MichaelMilner (
14:40 - 14:50
Startup Pitch by Atlendis Labs
AlexisMasseron (Atlendis Labs)
14:40 - 15:00
14:50 - 15:10
All Roads Lead to Decentralization
Alex Mashinsky (Celsius)
15:00 - 15:30
Tools to create your company in France and raise awareness about blockchain among traditional players- French ministry of economy
15:00 - 15:50
Workshop by Huobi
15:00 - 15:20
15:10 - 16:00
VC in Blockchain & Digital Assets
AndreiBrasoveanu (Accel)AntoineColson (IPEM)ViktorFischer (Rockaway Blockchain Fund)RumiMorales (Digital Currency Group)CyrilPaglino (Shift Capital)JamesWo (Digital Finance Group)
15:20 - 16:00
Securing NFTs with Artificial Intelligence
NFTs have opened up a new world of opportunities for creators, but how can these new assets be secured? Artificial intelligence can help. Our panel of experts will discuss ways to protect NFTs from security threats using advanced technologies.
AustinFedera (Solana Labs)LangbergOren (MonkeyLeague)VijayPravin Maharajan (bitsCrunch)
15:20 - 15:40
15:40 - 16:00
16:00 - 16:40
Managing Risk on Lending Protocols
Experts will share about their best practices to evaluate and minimize risk on lending protocols.
MichaelBentley (Euler)LeiLei (AscendEX)YulongLiu (Babel Finance )ClaudiusPaul (DIA)YichenWu (Tesseract Investment)
16:00 - 16:20
16:10 - 16:50
How NFTs are Transforming the Creator Economy
MichaelAmar (Co-host Paris NFT Day & PBWS)AnthonyGeorgiades (Pastel Network)AthenaYu (Binance NFT)LiliZhao (Neo Global Development (Europe))
16:20 - 16:30
16:40 - 17:00
Follow the smart money - What is Copy-trading?
AlexHwang (Bitget)
16:40 - 17:00
Keynote by Samuel Bankman-Fried, Founder and CEO of FTX
Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX)