Paris Blockchain Week Summit & Paris NFT Day 2022



We founded Mainbot with one goal in mind: leveraging new technology to enhance kids’ education and prepare them for the future. Our first product Winky, an educational and evolutive robot, is already used daily by thousands of families. Winky is currently connected with 2 apps We are developing the Winkyverse, a world where children will be able to find hundreds of gaming and educational contents We are now ready to take education to the next level with the launch of the Winkyverse: a Global Education Games Metaverse powered by its own digital currency, The Winkies.The Winkyverse is the first educational ecosystem who manages to combine no less than six of the most promising technologies: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Gaming, Augmented Reality and Blockchain. The Winkyverse is divided into 2 distinct spaces where families from all over the world will go to Learn, Create, Play and Connect. One part of the Winkyverse is the metaverse part for adults, combining blockchain, NFTs and Winkies, our cryptocurrency. The Winkyverse for adults will contain several contents : Gaming contents, like play-and-earn games, multiple types of games in tokenized version : battles, poker, chess, card, racing, logic. The WinkyMaker, to customize and mint Winky’s NFTs, 3D print accessories for Winky and create avatars for other metaverses. Lands will be sold to partners from several markets linked to Mainbot’s core businesses (retailers, food, schools…) for them to propose educational and gaming contents. The second part is the WinkyWorld, a 3D world kids can explore and discover. It contains endless family-friendly contents created by our team, partners and community members. The children’s part of the Winkyverse is totally free and contains 0 advertising thanks to the Winkyverse’s foundation: a part of the adult metaverse revenues will be allocated to the development of free educational and gaming contents for children and families.