Paris Blockchain Week Summit & Paris NFT Day 2022

Workshop by Partisia Blockchain

Apr 13, 2022 | 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

Workshop Room


"In this workshop we will discuss the design of the Partisia Blockchain and our vision for WEB 3.0 where users reclaim control of data. We will showcase the network with a poker application and dive into a range of real life use cases from confidential financial order matching and combating counterfeit medicine in Africa to privacy-preserving self-sovereign identity. Partisia Blockchain is a WEB 3.0 public blockchain design for scalability, privacy and interoperability. Partisia Blockchain is created by world leading cryptographers, developers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in delivering commercial-grade distributed cryptography like blockchain and multiparty computation (MPC) in particular. Merging blockchain and MPC has long been recognized as a key challenge by the Partisia Blockchain team who have been working diligently to achieve this aim since the beginning of 2017. As a pioneer in the space, Partisia Blockchain was founded by Partisia, who have been selling commercial-grade MPC software solutions to global enterprises since 2008. Partisia Blockchain is a unique combination of a high performance blockchain that functions as a bedrock for efficient, scalable and robust orchestration of MPC. This combination of blockchain and MPC technologies provide an optimal foundation for native privacy-preserving applications as well as more secure interoperability for bridging data and tokens. In fact token bridging is native to the network as the external coins or tokens are used to pay for the use of Partisia Blockchain - Bring Your Own Coin.


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